Think Tank & Conference

Make plans now to join us July 12-14, 2017, for the next STEM Think Tank and Conference!  The organizing team – the STEM Consortium – has selected this year's conference theme: Disrupting Silos: Creating STEM Habits of Mind.

17_STEM_final.v2_compressed.jpgAreas of focus for the 2017 Think Tank and Conference are the following:

Partnerships for Change– Partnerships between and among K12, industry, informal, university, counselors, parents, private, public, etc.  What are these effective partnerships and how can they be replicated?

STEM+ – Connections with STEM and all disciplines, including art, foreign language, English/Language Arts, history, computer science etc. in both formal and informal learning

Social Entrepreneurship and Public Purpose - How is STEM being used to address issues of social justice, social need, service learning for the good of public purpose and civic engagement?

Computer Science - What are the specific ways in which girls are succeeding in computer science? What encourages them to participate?

All conference sessions will be encouraged to use as many areas of focus as possible.


 This year we are excited to start the conference with a screening of "Most Likely to Succeed" and an opening keynote panel from High Tech High.  Hear Ted Dintersmith's thoughts on our conference this year!



The Think Tank and Conference will bring together national leaders in K12 education for girls and young women (independent, public, charter, and parochial), university K12 outreach coordinators and researchers, STEM university faculty, girls' informal educators, and members of industry. Please plan to attend if you teach or work with girls and young women in a STEM field. Our conference theme will allow us to discuss and learn more from each of these groups, translating lessons learned across the lives of females.


The Think Tank & Conference is funded in part by the E.E. Ford Foundation, through the Center for STEM Education for Girls.


The Think Tank & Conference will be hosted on the campus of the Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, TN, July 12-14, 2017. The program is being built by the members of our leadership group, the STEM Consortium, which is comprised of leading K12 schools, university researchers and STEM program leaders, corporate members, and informal educators. Because much of the program is devoted to concurrent sessions, the program will draw on the best ideas in girls' education around the country.


The Think Tank & Conference will produce new connections and conversations among K12 teachers, university faculty and administration, informal education, and members of industry. Each group has lessons learned about creating successful programs for females. It's time that we communicate across these groups effectively – both to teach and to learn.



The 2017 opening keynote speakers will feature a panel from High Tech High to complement our screening of "Most Likely to Succeed".  Our closing keynote speaker will be Dr. Pamela Lottero-Perdue from Towson University.


We are extremely grateful to our silver sponsors for 2017!