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Resource Title URL STEM Area Host/Sponsor Target Constituent Age Range Type of Information Format Expert Comments
Math Matters, Apply it! visit Applied Mathematics Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Teachers High General field factual text High School students would likely find the Apply It pages interesting. This particular page includes pdfs for download that explain the mathematics behind every day issues such as "predicting traffic," "statistics and sports" and "sand and dune motion". The parent page has links to a pretty dry "Career Guide" and links to articles from the organization magazine about different career paths, as well as a video from a past president about careers in applied math.
What Chemists Do? visit Chemistry American Chemical Society Students High General Field and Personal Career text Click on the link to "What Chemists Do" under the heading Explore Career Fields. The Education page is not useful for career information as it is mostly for members only. It only has links for ACS run programs for high school students but very little (no) information regarding careers
Digigirlz visit Computer Science Microsoft Girls High personal career, general, diversity learn about careers, sign up for workshops Sign up for computer science workshops and camps nationwide where high school girls can do hands on activities in computer science and meet women working in these areas
Computing Degrees & Careers visit Computer Science Association for Computing Careers Students High General Field and Personal career text This is a pretty rich site related to computing professions. Includes "Top 10 Reasons" list with positive messaging. Career profiles of students. Links to news articles, skills learned through computing for other careers Links to downloadable brochures & posters
Dot Diva visit Computer Science Dot Diva (NSF) Girls Middle, High personal career, website with personal profiles, free posters, brochures, etc Encouragement/inspriational site showing examples of women using computing to make a difference and show how women and girls can be cool and work in computing.
Engineering: Go For It! visit Engineering American Society of Engineering Education Students, Parents, Teachers All all engineering fields factual text, data and statistics, video, personal stories, blogs This site is an interactive site about engineering and engineering careers. The site offers multiple ways for visitors to explore engineering as a career, examine different engineering disciplines, "meet" young engineers, download lesson plans and learn about networking in STEM and engineering.
American Society of Civil Engineers visit Engineering ASCE Students, Parents, Teachers All civil engineering and civil engineering technology, historical, preparatory, personal career data and statistics, factual text, interview and video profiles of engineers, lesson plans and activities, career information ASCE has a lot of resources on this site, with areas for students (PK-12 and college); parents and teachers. There are lesson plans, activities, contests, profiles and video of role model civil engineers, etc.
American Society of Mechanical Engineering visit Engineering ASME Students, Teachers K-20 mechanical engineering and engineering technology, preparatory, historical lesson plans and activities, career materials, workshop programs, data and statistics ASME provides a variety of materials for teachers and for students, primarily secondary and then college mechanical engineering students. Of particular note is the IDEAS program, which is a series of activities developed for middle school.
Changing the Conversation visit Engineering National Academy of Engineering Students, Parents, Teachers All All Factual information The National Academy of Engineering completed a study about public perception of engineering. Facts about engineering careers as well as tested effective messages about the breadth of engineering are presented..
NAE Grand Challenge K12 Partners Program visit Engineering Duke & NC State Teachers High general partnership program, teacher resources Grand challenge competition that teachers can partner with to obtain resources/materials/guide on how to teach in high school. partnering with high schools in NC.
Link Engineering visit Engineering NAE Students, Parents, Teachers PK-12 Engineering Curriculum, teaching methods, etc. Linking PreK-12 to expertise and content
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers visit Engineering IEEE Students, Parents, Teachers, STEM Professionals K-20 electrical and electronic engineering; personal career; career information; preparatory; historical factual text, data and statistics, video, lesson plans, preuniversity and university sections; parent section IEEE has a comprehensive array of information and resources for parents, teachers, K-12 students, university students and career engineers. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. Lesson plans, volunteer training, background information, college resources-this is a comprehensive site.
Engineer Girl visit Engineering National Academy of Engineering Students High Preparatory Facts and videos This is a comprehensive site for preparation to become an engineer including high school coursework recommendations, scholarship information, colleges and universities and general career information.
Future City Competition visit Engineering National Engineers Week Students, Teachers Middle Design competition Text, video Information for educators, professionals, parents, and students regarding the annual competition based on the SimCity platform. Teams use civil engineering principles to design a city, prepare reports and compete in regional and national contests.
National Engineer's Week visit Engineering National Engineer's Week Foundation Teachers Middle, High Careers-preparatory Factual This site is a repository of engineering career information as well as activities and information for National Engineer's week each February.
Profiles of Engineers visit Engineering National Science Foundation Students High Personal career profiles day in the life video Three young engineers in engaging fields, showing them as people with interesting jobs and hobbies.
The Engineering Place visit Engineering North Carolina State University Students, Parents, Teachers, STEM Professionals All newsletter, camps, career, personal stories, college; focuses on engineering factual text, data and statistics, personal stories, newsletter The site is a repository for NCSU's College of Engineering's Outreach program, and includes career information, summer camps, after school and in school visit information, lesson plans, research, and resources for all stakeholder groups.
Design Squad visit Engineering PBS Students, Parents, Teachers All General engineering information, personal career, college video, projects, blogs, games, career information, lesson plans, training guides Design Squad is a television show produced by WGBH in Boston. It features high school students who work on engineering design teams to solve challenges and compete for scholarships. The website is highly interactive and appealing to kids, with links to videos, contests, projects, blogs, and games. There is a separate tab for Parents and Educators with an extensive list of resources all around engineering as a career. Design Squad also offers training guides on the adult section of the website, for people to train groups in their community to do hands on engineering projects at schools or events.
SWENext: K-12 Outreach for Girls visit Engineering Society of Women Engineers Girls, Parents, Teachers Middle, High preparatory links to outside resources This website is an extreme example of don't reinvent the wheel. Minimal text and information are presented here, but the site includes links to programs, camps, competitions, and informational sites related to engineering career and college choice information for girls. Different pages directed toward Girls, Parents, Teachers, and Engineers have navigational links to mostly the same outside resources.
Futures in Engineering visit Engineering The Dayton Foundation Students, Teachers High Personal career, preparatory Factual text, data This site is geared to informing young women about careers in engineering. There is also a separate teacher area.
Women in Engineering Proactive Network visit Engineering WEPAN Girls High data and reports, engineering careers, data and statistics, factual text, research The WEPAN Knowledge Center is an excellent source for up to date research and data about women in engineering. They also have a K-12 activity set that is available for purchase through their publications link. visit Engineering Students, Teachers, Parents High prepatory, general, personal career Facts, written personal stories Nice site to assist teachers, students, and parents learn more about being an engineer.
Engineer Your Life visit Engineering Students, Parents, Teachers Middle, High personal career, general website, profiles, Website providing engineering career information for girls, parents, and teachers
ITEEA - Professional Organization visit Engineering, Technology International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Teachers K-12 professional information and resources Text, links, purchase The go-to organization with a broad range of resources and educational opportunities for technology teachers. Recently started bringing more K-12 engineering education into their focus. Promoters of the Engineering by Design curriculum.
National Center for Technological Literacy visit Engineering, Technology Museum of Science, Boston Teachers K-12 professional information and resources text, programmatic information The NCTL supports and conducts professional development and curricular innovation to support teaching engineering and technological literacy in K-12. They back their work with rigorous research of its impacts and efficacy.
Culturally Situated Design Tools: Teaching math and computing through culture visit Math and Computer Science NSF, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute Teachers High prepatory software, tools, lesson plans Formatted around curriculum the site illustrates how mathematics and computing concepts can be investigated through cultural traditions.
Information Assurance visit Math and Computer Science National Security Agency Students, Teachers, STEM Professionals pK-20 Public image of National Security Agency: Services to Community (educational and career opportunities) texts and videos Information Assurance is the government means to ensure safety from security attack s; the community outreach of the Agency includes free courses, visits, job training, tours of the National Cryptologic Museum. The Agency offers scholarships for MA and PhD programs, summer internships for college students, and important career benefits. US citizenship is required.
National Math and Science Initiative visit Math and Science National Science Initiative Teachers Middle Preparatory website Teachers / administrators can apply to become an AP program and receive funding to Prep middle school and high school students for AP Classes in Math and Science
We Do Math! visit Mathematics Mathematical Association of American Students High Personal career profiles written personal stories Site contains profiles of about 100 different people, male and female, in about 10 different career areas. This site also has links to order books.
Parents and Teachers visit Mathematics Association for Women in Mathematics Teachers, Parents All list of links to programs links The list has some dead links. Includes links to contests, REUs, RETs, teacher P.D. programs, statistics and studies.
Pre-College Students visit Mathematics Association for Women in Mathematics Students Middle, High list of links to programs links Includes a link to some general career information (dry, factual text).
American Mathematical Society visit Mathematics American Mathematical Society Students, Teachers High general, careers, preparatory, posters, resources, seminars, career info detailed list of resources and information regarding mathematics, camps, careers, research projects, etc.
NCTM - Professional Organization visit Mathematics NCTM Teachers K-12 professional information and resources Text, links, purchase The go-to organization with a broad range of resources and educational opportunities for mathematics teachers.
Mathematical Moments visit Mathematics American Mathematical Society Teachers K-12 Mathematics applications documents to download and print The tag line on the site "a series of posters that promote appreciation and understanding of the role that mathematics plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture." These can be printed to hang in an office or classroom, or assembled in a notebook for student or teacher review. Examples include: "Sticking the Landing - math's role in the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity" and "Finding Friends - how math is used to understand networks." Many or most are also available as MP3 podcasts.
Why Study Physics? visit Physics American Physical Society Students High Variety text Side navigation bar also includes links for K-8. Some career profiles of real physicists in inviting careers (e.g. - medicine and writer for Simpson's) Includes some data and statistics about the field and careers (e.g. salaries) Connections to other disciplines
Physics Central visit Physics American Physical Society Students, Parents, Teachers All General field, Personal career, new discoveries text, personal stories, videos, podcasts The American Physical Society has information here for students about the different specialties within physics, from a career perspective and historic and recent discoveries. They have short biographies that talk about physicists including their interests (real people stuff), education and accomplishments. There is an ask-a-physicist site where students can post questions. There are activities and experiments for home or class. The Physics Buzz page has links to physics blogs. Site is built in a friendly, engaging, almost e-magazine style.
Physics Central for Educators visit Physics American Physical Society Teachers K-12 General field, physics careers, PD resources, curriculum, posters, biographies, text, video, podcasts The resources for teachers include classroom posters, curriculum, information about conferences, contests, and free only access to all APS journals. The information listed for students is also available to teachers.
Sally Ride Science visit Science ExxonMobil Students, Teachers Middle preparatory, workshops sign up for day long festivals Sign up for festivals/workshops for girls, buy books,
The Knowledge Network visit Science National Science Foundation Teachers All General Videos This is a collection of well produced videos describing various aspects of science. They are suitable for teachers to learn themselves as well as for use in the classroom to provide students with content and context.
Science Careers visit Science Science Magazine Students, Parents, Teachers High Careers, college Mix Aimed at increasing awareness of engineering careers and has sections geared toward students, parents and teachers.
National Institute of Health Science Education visit Science NIH Teachers High Factual text Print and video The site is a collection of factual career information about the sciences.
NOVA Science Now visit Science Nova PBS Students, Parents, Teachers All Cutting edge research video, blog Areas for physics, mathematics, engineering, technology, earth science, space, biology, climate Video and text vignettes of cutting edge research and areas of exploration. Demonstrates the dynamic nature of science.
Try Science visit Science New York Hall of Science Students Elementary activities varied Includes virtual field trips, live cams, activities. Has areas of curriculum and information for teachers and parents.
NSTA - Professional Organization visit Science NSTA Teachers K-12 professional information and resources Text, links, purchase The go-to organization with a broad range of resources and educational opportunities for science teachers.
Science Pioneers visit Science Science Pioneers Students, Parents, Teachers All Collection of science resources Links to other science websites The mission of Science Pioneers is to create innovative and supportive education activities that will encourage the youth of Kansas City to understand and use science and critical thinking in their careers and everyday lives. The site is a regional one focused on issues in that area but also contains separate pages for each stakeholder group with a list of web resources on careers, lesson plans, programs, etc.
Science Cheerleaders visit STEM Science Cheerleaders Students Middle personal career website Girls can see women can be both feminine and smart
Science Buddies visit STEM Life Technologies Foundation global life sciences company Students High General field- brief text descriptions of careers Factual text Click on the Science Careers tab at the top. Presents simple brief text descriptions of many career options, with pictures. Text is short and this is a good source to look over a lot of career options in a short time. A good place to start thinking about a lot of career options quickly, and then you could explore more in depth with another resource
Girls National Collaboration Project visit STEM NGCP (EdLab Group & NSF funding) Teachers, Parents K-12 general, partnership opportunities directory Collaboration site to identify key resources to provide funding, mentoring, etc - groups, teachers providing as well as groups seeking should register
O*Net OnLine: A Proud Partner of the American Job Center visit STEM American Job Center Network Students Upper High General with skill lists and work activities provided Factual text This resource is more for college or professionals, but would certainly be useful for a very upper level high school student (not younger), as it provides lists of knowledge required, work skills necessary, abilities that are important, typical work activities, and work context (like freedom to make decisions). This would be useful for teachers and counselors in particular.
Expanding Your Horizons visit STEM Expanding Your Horizons Girls, Parents, Teachers Middle, High personal career, general, hands on sign up for day long workshops in area Great site to find a day long event for girls to attend to meet people working in STEM careers and do hands on activities
4000 Years visit STEM University of Alabama Students, Parents, Teachers All Historical Factual and semi factual list This is a list of women in STEM by timeline. Text provided is both from well respected sources as well as Wikipedia.
SciGirls visit STEM PBS Girls, Parents, Teachers pK-8 general, preparatory video, hands on activities, lesson plans Girls doing cool experiments in various STEM subjects with complete lesson plans and tools to assist teachers and parents.
The Harris Foundation visit STEM The Harris Foundation Students Middle preparatory summer science camps Nationwide residential summer science camps for underserved and underrepresented middle school youth - no cost to student.
Center for Inquiry Based Learning visit STEM Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University Teachers K-12 preparatory website, science kits, teacher resources, teacher workshops science kits for rent to help teachers with inquiry based learning. Workshops for teachers
STEMWorks visit STEM Change the Equation Teachers, STEM Professionals All Program review text This site provides an indexed and searchable database of externally reviewed programs, projects, materials, etc related to STEM teaching and awareness. Teachers might use it to find validated PD programs or programs for their students. The exemplars might also be used in decision-making for launching their own STEM initiatives.
STEMcareer visit STEM Rich Feller, Colorado State University Students, Parents, Teachers, Counselors Middle, High Career, Preparatory factual text, data and statistics, video, personal stories, blogs The owner of this site, Rich Feller, is a professor of Counseling and Career Development at Colorado State University, has done a lot of work with NASA and is connected to the STEM community through that work. The site is fairly new and looks to be a clearinghouse for many STEM resources as well as a site with blogs, career information, video, etc. The identified target stakeholder groups are Students, Parents, Educators and Counselors. There is no age range specified but it looks to be targeted to high school and middle school students.
Bureau of Labor Statistics visit STEM US Department of Labor Students, Parents, Teachers All data and reports data and statistics This is a government data site on labor. It is a huge resource but can be searched fairly easily to get snapshots of employment and opportunity in an infinite number of fields.
NASA Education visit STEM NASA Students, Teachers All STEM fields, preparatory,lesson plans factual text, data and statistics, video, lesson plans NASA has an extensive number of lesson plans, space and related video, career information and factual/background information. They also have free resources teachers can request. It's a rich site for all things earth and space science.
Anita Borg Institute visit Technology Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology Teachers, STEM Professionals All General field Factual text, discussion board The Anita Borg Institute has developed tools and programs to help industry, academia, and government to retain women in technology.
Vocational informational Center visit Vocational STEM Vocational Informational Center Students, Teachers High General field Facts; data and statistics This is a comprehensive listing of career opportunities in vocational and technology.
A Kid's Guide to Engineering visit Engineering OR Laser Students, Teachers All General field Facts; Provides basic definitions and links to other resources.
CanTEEN Career Exploration visit Engineering Carnegie Science Center's Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Developent Students, Teachers, Parents All General field Biographies; Design Challenges; Games; Facts This site is comprised of four sections: Challenges with experiments to try; Explore Your future with info about careers or women in the field; CanTEEN Community; About with information for parents, mentors, and teachers.
STEM Opportunities for Women and Minorities visit STEM Online Colleges Students, Teachers, Parents All General field Facts; Scholarships This site has lots of motivating statistics, course and camp opportunities, scholarships and an interview..
Helpful Engineering Games visit Engineering Nationwide Lifts Students, Teachers, Parents All General field Games Engineering based games.